Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to my Daily Plan-It Blog

Here at the Daily Plan-It Blog, you'll read all about my experiences as a working (often traveling) mom and wife, and how I attempt to keep it together - or not.

You'll learn how not to over-think a project or a design problem and that a beautiful home is not about perfection (have some kids, get a dog, buy a horse and you'll know exactly what I mean!)

I hope you'll laugh out loud as you realize I am not super-human, super-mom or super-woman! I hung up my cape and my 'ride' (which my husband not so fondly refers to as my broom) years ago.

Think of the Daily Plan-It Blog as your home not far away from home, your favorite home page, your comfort zone, your sit-down and take-a-load off spot to relax and learn why it's the simple, unfussy, perfectly imperfect balance that turns a house into a beautiful home.

I'll help you make improvements to how you live because "some improvement is better than no improvement". You'll learn how I apply my golden rule: "everything has to have more than one purpose" including the things I purchase or design for myself or my clients.

You will learn how to organize your home and have fun doing it. I'll show you how to tackle it a room at a time but with no timeline attached. You'll delight in digging in a window box if you don't have a garden and enjoy some 'me time' in the kitchen.

I'll share tips, tricks and daily adventures as well as my mistakes, do-overs, and don't-ever-do-that-again experiences, so you will learn how not to do things too!

I can't wait to show you how to thrive, not just survive in your home. You'll delight in what you have instead of focus on what you don't.

So, beginning today, I'll be here sharing my many ideas and solutions that I hope will help you to discover that everything you thought you needed you probably already have. And, that everything you'd love to do but thought you'd never have time for - you will.

As this new venture takes shape, I look forward to filling up my days with a visit from you.

Come on in, my door is always open.

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