Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now!

Not because I've had some great vision of what the future may hold, but because my windows are clean! What a treat - the window guy showed up New Year's Eve! I was disappointed that he couldn't come before the holidays, he was booked 8 weeks out -  good for him, I could wait. And I'm glad I did because as I sit on this first Monday of 2011 and gaze out of my clean office window, I am reminded that to accomplish anything one must have a clear vision, a goal and a plan.

On my list today: Getting back to 'normal'. For me that starts with organizing my calendar. Not that I have every day planned - but like you I have a few things that must be done, (doctor's appointments, college tuition is due for my daughter, etc.). I'll also make my list for the week and at the top I'll write a goal I'd like to work towards this year.

I learned long ago not to make New Year's resolutions. They immediately set me up for failure!

Instead, I set a few realistic and do-able goals and then give myself a reasonable timeline in which to accomplish them. Click to read Be Resolute. Baby steps, that's how things get done.

At the top of the list today: Getting back to the gym. The holidays took their toll on my waistline but I'll return to my 'fighting weight' soon. It's not impossible to keep in shape, it just takes some organizing. Click to read Promises, Promises, Promises.

My long-term goal: This blog and the BeItEverSoHumble website. In a perfect world I'd write daily, however our best laid plans can sometimes hit a roadblock. Click to read My Drawers are Messy Too! In reality, I plan to post every two to three days. It's a work in progress and my hope is that you'll check in often and bear with me as I venture down this new path.

Most importantly however, no matter how we may view the year ahead - be it through clean windows, with a clear vision, or a clean slate - let's do it with open minds and open hearts.

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