Thursday, January 27, 2011

Put it in Neutral

I hear this often..."When I'm done organizing a project, why doesn't it ever look like this"? Inevitably, I'm shown a variety of magazine or catalog tear-sheets featuring beautifully designed pantries, closets, cabinets or drawers.

Before being escorted to the project, I already have a good idea of what's inside; a mish-mash of space-wasting boxes, bins or plastic containers that don't fit together well, and a lot of color, pattern and texture. The result? Visual chaos.

I often talk about "good flow" when referring to a well-designed and decorated home. Flow is created by honing in on a few well-thought out and designed details, then repeating them throughout the house. 

And, it's exactly that same principal when organizing. A few, well-designed storage solutions can beautifully and seamlessly flow throughout every storage area in your home.

Here's the key; a neutral color palette like white, ivory, cream, soft greys, tans and natural woods, NEVER goes out of style. It's easy to get caught up in all of the fabulous storage solutions now available. However, if you stick to one "look" and use it throughout, it will easily morph from room to room, creating "flow" as well as a sense of peacefulness.

Here are a few of my favorites;
Neutral colored canvas bins available in a variety of sizes, easily flow from room to room.
Clear glass and plastic containers especially in the kitchen, bath and laundry room. I like these, these, and these.
Galvanized buckets and bins contain everything from firewood to hats, gloves and shoes.
• Simple trays for folded shirts on a closet shelves.
Natural baskets for books, magazines, towels, etc.
• White Kassett storage boxes from Ikea and natural canvas bags store out-of-season clothing and bedding.
• My collection of white dishes and enamelware (see January 25th post).

That said - a pop of color here and there keeps things interesting.

If you keep it simple, keep it neutral, and stick with your system, your home will be beautifully organized. Literally, from the inside out.

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