Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Praise of Simple Things.

I've always been attracted to things that are common, raw and unrefined. They're true and honest with a "take me as I am" attitude - simple hard-working basics that never let you down. Nothing fancy, nothing fussy. Kind of like me.

My favorite organizing and decorating tools all have that same down-home vibe. But by far, my favorite 'tool' is canvas. In truth, canvas is my canvas. I stretch it's possibilities over sofas and chairs as slipcovers, have fashioned duvet covers and shams for beds and sewn the hardy basic into comfy nests for my critters.

I'm especially fond of the raw stuff that painter's drop cloths are made of. The varying shades of it's common, neutral coloring combined with the naturally occurring slubs, nubs and flecks of brown remind me of farm fresh eggs. However one of it's most charming qualities is the French seams that are used to combine smaller drop-cloths into the larger ones. A fine, yet sturdy detail for such a humble fabric.

A couple of years ago, my favorite canvas nudged me to incorporate it's humble beauty into aprons and table linens. It whispered,"Try me, let's see what happens, I've never let you down yet".

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