Monday, March 21, 2011

Strength in Numbers

I love early mornings. Most days I am up between 4:00 and 5:00am. Over the years, the quiet time that turns night into day has been 'me time'.  I'll often read for a bit and I then spend a few minutes going over the day's To-Do list on the kitchen counter.

Yesterday, coffee in hand, I headed to my favorite wing chair, settled in and began to look through the stack of magazines that have been piling up. I started with the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens by reading the editors letter (Between Friends). I'm impressed! The team at BH&G are whipping themselves into a spring cleaning and organizing frenzy - love to hear that!

But, that's not all, they've started a program called Clean out for Kids™. Basically, you tackle your spring cleaning, get the house organized then hold a yard sale and send the proceeds to Share our Strength®, an organization that is working to make "No Kid Hungry by 2015" a reality.

I don't know about you, but some much-overdue spring cleaning is at the top of my to-do list this month. And, while I'm pretty good at keeping things cleaned out - I know I'll have some items that could easily go into a yard sale or on Craigslist. Hmm, perhaps a collaborative effort in the neighborhood combined with an after sale BBQ might just get us all in the cleaning mood?

In the meantime, (since hosting a yard sale in the drippy Pacific Northwest before August (not really but it often feels that way!) won't bring in the crowds any time soon, I'm going to contribute in another way, and you can too.

Go to and click on the Raw Materials section of the site. Once there, you'll find a cause I started called The Ties that Bind. Now through the month of April, Raw Materials will donate a portion of every sale to Share our Strength®,

The way I see it, Clean Out for Kids and Share our Strength is a win-win for everyone. We get busy cleaning and organizing (probably need to do it anyway), and kids benefit at the same time.

What could be easier?

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