Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guilty as Charged! Part 1

I have a large, antique pine secretary that I had originally purchased to house the television in the master bedroom. As I started to work with the desk, move it around and see where it would best fit, I realized it could be put to much better use containing an ever growing collection of family archives.

For years, I'd shuffled various boxes, bins, scrapbooks and journals, (mostly inherited from other family members), from the guest room to the living room, to the garage, never seeming to find a worthy home for all of the memorabilia that had come our way. After our remodel, I was determined to accomplish this important task and saw the desk as a potential solution to this organizing dilemma.

Well, 6 years later, I can tell you the collection (and more) did made it into the desk - however, it has never been properly organized!

Honestly, I have made attempts at getting this project done. I've purchased photo storage boxes (that makes sense right?), added a shelf, (gotta have levels of storage - I think), a vintage drawer unit to hold scrapbook tools and papers, (cute - except I'm not a scrap-booker!) Honestly, you can't say I haven't tried! I've worked towards getting all of the needed components - right?

Wrong. All of the boxes, bins and storage solutions available will never organize what's really going on here - a big 'ol helping of GUILT!

Com'on, I'm supposed to be"the organized one"right? This should be easy. Well, let's just say I too have my issues! Or better said - other folks  - ahem... family members - issues. Yep - my husband and I have been issued the title of "the family archivists"!

Why us? Maybe it's because we are both the oldest children in each of our families therefore it is an inherited responsibility? Hummm - I don't think that's it. Instead, I think we didn't have the backbone to say NO. We felt guilty. Sound familiar?

So, this week, once and for all - I plan to take on my large, looming, desk of guilt.
Stay tuned as I attempt to embrace this responsibility (or not)!

In the meantime, I'd love to know what "organizing issues" you have. Do you have ongoing projects you've been avoiding?

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