Friday, February 25, 2011

'Sick' Happens!

And it happened to me this past week. The nasty four letter word quietly hinted at scratchy throat last Friday afternoon, come Saturday morning, it shouted FLU!

Slowly over the past week, I have moved my sorry self from bed, to sofa to finally - today - an upright position at the kitchen table. My tissue box and throat lozenges have migrated with me, however I'm confident my past weeks companions will soon no longer be needed.

Needless to say, this blog along with other plans, projects and appointments were cancelled.

In true form however, I could not let a little flu keep me from doing something, so I plowed through my stack of old magazines. Honestly, the word stack hints that I had control of them. The truth is I had piles of them - some from 2008! While curled under the covers, between naps, I enjoyed looking through them, tearing out articles, sorting and finally placing them in the recycling bin for the week's pick-up.

Now with that task complete and the tissue box popping up it's last few squares, it's time to pick myself up and get a move on.

I hope you'll check in next week, I have all kinds of projects up my pajama sleeve.

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