Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guilty as Charged! Part 2

As promised in my last post, I have given some serious thought to my "large, looming desk of guilt". I will admit, I have not yet opened it's heavy drop front, but I think I'll take a peek later this afternoon.

Since deciding to write about my desk and it's contents - all sorts of questions have been surfacing like:

• Is this really just another organizing project? Yes and no. Yes, it will need to be well  thought out and well designed. No, this is personal, it's family and it's on-going.
• Am I avoiding it because I'm afraid of what's inside? No. I know it's contents are family treasures (just maybe not all our treasures). 
• Could it be that I have put this project off for so long because I truly don't know where to start? A resounding YES! The answer really is this simple: "Miss Organized" does not know where to begin!  

The organization (and responsibility) of the contents of said desk have stumped me for years. Here are a few of the reasons why, (I think):

• Honestly - I'm not sure I/we want to be the the keepers of the family treasures. This is HUGE! Have you ever taken on a task only to soon discover, you really didn't want the responsibility?

• OK - not to be rude but -  who are these people! Sadly, many of the scrapbooks, boxes and manila envelopes we have accumulated over the years did not come with any notations, clues or dates as to who, what, or why these photos were taken. I can't just toss 'em! Or can I?

• A good number of the photos are in duplicate or triplicate - what do I do with all of the extras? Toss 'em, send 'em on? Who am I to decide who gets what?

• When I finally do manage to get this project organized - who will take it on after we're gone? Will they be truly interested? DO I want someone else to feel the same burden I do?

• This project is going to be really time-consuming. Do I have the time, energy and interest to do it well?

All these seem like valid questions and concerns (laden with a healthy dose of guilt), don't you think?

Woohoo! First step taken - Identifying the problem!

By now I bet you've figured out that this organizing project is not one to be taken lightly, nor will it be accomplished overnight. So, while I ponder my next move - the next step -  I'll take a look in the desk, slam it shut and tackle the bathroom cupboard instead. I do need to accomplish something today!

Do you have an organizing project that has been stifled because of guilt? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Janna - had a friend who was likewise going through family "stuff"...had hoards of scrapbooks and photos that she had no idea who they were...and no one really was interested in figuring it all out...she gave it all to have a fabulous stash of old photos for art collages - I'm thrilled!
    amy of four corners design