Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guilty as Charged! Part 3

I know, I know, yet another post about that darn desk? Well, in this third and final post (at least for now), I'll say this, about that - yes it is time to move on! But, with a plan in place, designed to make this important family project realistic, enjoyable, memorable, and everlasting.

As previously determined, my desk and it's contents will surely take more than a day or two, most likely more than a month or two - it could take a year - or two. And, that's OK! I have given myself permission to let this one percolate for awhile. Hint: step two accomplished - giving myself permission to take it slow.

I need to see progress -  yes -  but I also know it's just as important to sit back and evaluate every so often. So, as I work through the stacks of pictures, folders and envelopes, each tattered album and the ENORMOUS stack I too have contributed, (easy to blame others for my issues), I will move forward.

Here's how; Hint; this is step three - devising a plan with realistic goals.
By month's end, I WILL get through the bottom drawer of memories, identify (or not) the people in the photos, make stacks, separated by decade if possible (that seems to make sense), and designate a stack of unknowns.

Come March, my plan is to get through the middle and top drawer of the lower half of the desk. Given my daily schedule, this seems realistic. By April my plan is to excavate the desk's interior caverns. In May, smitten with all I've accomplished, the top drawer should be a breeze. Mind you, this narrowest of drawers is almost unopenable! By May's end my plan is to have sorted and stacked each and every inch of the desk. An honorable goal being Memorial Day is the end of the month. Seems appropriate for a desk of memories - don'tcha think?

I hope you'll check in periodically to see my progress. My intentions are real, my plan has been established.

In the meantime here are a few hints to ponder if you too have a large and looming project of your own;
• Identify the problem
• Give yourself permission to take it slow
• Make a plan with realistic goals and timelines
• Re-evaluate your plan as your project progresses and adjust goals if necessary

Remember, the first step is always the hardest. What's most important is to identify your roadblock. Then, with your plan in place and a bit of time, the solution will reveal itself, it will show you the way.

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